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Introduction of the Center

Brief Introduction about the National Clinical Research Center for Kidney Disease

As one of the first national clinical centers for medical research approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology, National Health and Family Planning Commission and Health Department of the General Logistics Department of the Chinese People's Liberation Army in 2013, National Clinical Research Center for Kidney Disease is committed to the scientific research and clinical prevention and treatment of kidney disease. Based at Nanfang Hospital of Southern Medical University, the center now covers the following main research fields: population-based research of kidney disease (burden of disease and epidemiology), precision prevention and treatment strategy (risk prediction, accurate classification, prevention and treatment strategy) and translational medicine research (R&D of new drugs, new diagnosis and treatment technologies). The medical scale of the center is among the forefront in China, with the scope of services covering all parts of the country as well as Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, China and Southeast Asia. With top-class clinical laboratories and sample resources in China, the center has an excellent talent team, including academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences,those funded by National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, and those rated as “Pearl River Scholarship Distinguished Professor of Higher Education in Guangdong Province”.

Overview of the center and its collaboration network construction
At present, the center has set up a clinical research team composed of multidisciplinary talents in clinical nephrology, epidemiology, pathology and bioinformatics; established a clinical center laboratory capable of undertaking the R&D of national first class new drugs; and established a 500,000 case-based biological sample library and an over 20,000 case-based kidney tissue sample library.

The center has built a collaboration network system for clinical research, covering 5 sub-centers, 12 core institutions, 29 network institutions and 5 community prevention bases. In addition, the center has established an interdisciplinary collaboration alliance with 14 institutions specialized in cardiovascular disease, endocrine and other relevant disciplines.

Popularization and promotion of achievements
The clinical strategy created by the center is currently applied to 360 hospitals across 30 provinces and municipalities in China, and proven to effectively delay the progress of chronic kidney disease. The research achievements have been adopted by KDIGO guidelines and NephSAP, and applied globally. The center has organized 15 science popularization activities.

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