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the National Clinical Research Center for Kidney Disease received tablets from the Ministry of Science and Technology of China

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On July 22th, 2017, the meeting on the construction work of National Clinical Research was conducted in Beijing. In the Spirit of the Vice Prime Minister Yan Dong Liu, Mr, Zhigang Wang, the Party Secretary of Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China, and Mr. Yixin Zeng, deputy director of National Health and Family Planning Commission, attended the meeting and delivered speech. At the meeting, 32 National Clinical Research Centers have been granted tablets printed with their center names respectively. The academician Fanfan Hou, director of National Clinical Research Center for Kidney Disease, and Hong Lu, the Vice-president of Nanfang Hospital, have attended the meeting.  

In order to carry out the spirit of National Science and Technology Innovation Conference and National Health and Health Assembly, the meeting has issued the Five-Year Plan, Management Regulation and Performance Evaluation System of the National Clinical Research Center in the aim of promoting innovative collaborative network. All these regulations have offered a scientific, effective way to evaluate the development of these centers.

Till now, there were 32 centers nationwide. The National Clinical Research Center for Kidney Disease in Nanfang Hospital was one of the first batch of centers and also belonged to one of the two national clinical centers in Guangdong Province. The other center was National Clinical Research Center for Respiratory Disease under the leadership of the academician Nanshan Zhong, a renowned expert in respiratory disease.    

In the future, the country will focus more on the construction of centers and encourage high level clinical research conducted among these centers while foster more international leading talents and innovative teams in clinical research. At the meantime, a series of evaluation method would follow up and more clear requirements to centers will be conducted. As for the centers which pass the evaluation and be assessed as first class will be granted more support and as to those that fail the evaluation would be dismissed from the National Clinical Center. For the dismissed center, they would lose the chance to reapply within five years.
Since its foundation, National Clinical Research Center for Kidney Disease in Nanfang Hospital has accomplished remarkable outcomes. Nanfang Hospital, as the management unit, would allocate more support to the center in the spirit of the meeting and enhance more mechanism in the aim of improving the overall clinical research level of the hospital.

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