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New Urine Biomarkers Would Help Predict the Risk Factor of AKI in patients with Acute Decompensate Heart Failure

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Recently, the National Clinical Research Center for Kidney Disease research team has found and verified a new biomarker for AKI patients with acute decompensate heart failure (here after refereed as ADHF ) through clinical transformation study. The risk factor of ADHF patients with acute kidney disease can be predictable which will further help clinical doctors promote the prevention of the disease. In February 2015, the result of which has been published online in JASN, a world prestigious journal in kidney research.

Acute decompensate heart failure is the leading cause of hospitalization worldwide and represents a significant economic burden. Due to the close connection between heart and kidney, the incidence of AKI in patients with acute decompensate heart failure is high, ranging from 25%-51%. Coexistence of acute cardiac and renal dysfunction, known as acute cardio-renal syndrome, is a serious clinical state associated with significantly increased morbidity and mortality. Unfortunately, there were no reliable indicator to help doctors with prediction of ADHF patients and the incidence of AKI. Early diagnose of the ADHF patients would help doctors find the best time for treatment and lower down the mortality. 

In the study, there were 423 patients with ADHF (all Chinese) enrolled from four centers who were screened for potential participation. Of these patients, 106 were excluded according to the exclusion criteria. A total of 317 patients, 47.7% with newly diagnosed ADHF, were included in the study. There were 149 patients with ADHF from the other two centers who were screened according to a protocol exactly the same as that used in stage 1. The study found that the uAGT level of hospitalization patients on the first day would help to predict their risk of ADHF and mortality rate.  

The academician Fanfan Hou led the study in the aim of finding new biomarkers in AKI for more accurate diagnosis under the help of clinical transformation. Professor Hou showed that this new biomarker would give more new insight to AKI and ADHF research in the future. 

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