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The First Westward Training Class for Physicians was conducted in the Center

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On the morning of July 17, the westward training class for county-level hospital physicians, led by the National Health and Family Planning Commission, has been successfully conducted in the Nephrology Department of Nanfang Hospital and National Clinical Research Center for Kidney Disease for four days. The parallel session using remote conference system was set up at the Second People's Hospital of Yinzhou, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, which is one of the network units of the Center. The curriculum was live webcasts for the entire time.

The opening ceremony was hosted by Wang Guobao, Deputy Director of the Nephrology Department. Professor Hou Fanfan, Director of the Nephrology Department and Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, addressed the welcoming speech. Twenty-five district-level Directors of the Nephrology Department and professors from Guangdong, Fujian, Guizhou, Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces attended the meeting, along with all the clinicians, pathologists and nurses. Professor Hou Fanfan attached great importance to the training class, selecting teaching topics and specific courses, and preceded a questionnaire survey on teaching results. The welcoming speech was full of enthusiasm, expressing the care and love for the grassroots medical personnel. The participants were greatly encouraged and motivated. Rich in content, close to clinical, the training class has diverse forms, including seminars, teaching ward rounds, practical demonstration, clinical pathology, intractable case discussion, etc. Among them, teaching ward rounds presided by Professor Zhang Xun was widely acclaimed. The trainees were enthusiastic and passionate about the discussion. During the conference, trainees also took time to visit the National Clinical Research Center for Kidney Disease and the State Key Laboratory of Organ Failure Research, and conducted in-depth exchanges on relevant issues, such as, discipline construction.

The training class came to an end on the afternoon of July 20, and all the participants were reward with certificates. The trainees highly appreciated the activity and said that not only did they gained valuable clinical knowledge, but also established an exchange platform with our hospital through training and study. In the future, more outstanding talents will be sent to our department for further study, which fully demonstrated the clinical and professional qualifications of the National Clinical Research Center for Kidney Disease and Nephrology Department of Nanfang Hospital, and further improved the domestic influence and reputation of the discipline.

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