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Guobao Wang


Guobao Wang Chief Physician 

Professor & Chief Physician
Deputy Director, Division of Nephrology 
National Clinical Research Center for Kidney Disease
Nanfang Hospital, Southern Medical University 

Professor Wang is a nephrologist who has high attainments in the field of kidney diseases, both in clinical and pathology nephrology, and the main invited expert for inter-hospital consultation in Grade 3A Hospital. He earned his medical degree from the University of First Military Medical and then completed a residency in internal medicine and nephrology in Zhujiang Hospital at Guangdong Province. He also has a master of advanced studies degree in nephrology in First Military Medical University and Beijing University.
He has been responsible for the pathological diagnosis of renal biopsy for a long time. So far, more than 10,000 cases of renal biopsy have been independently diagnosed by him. He has organized or co-organized lots of national continuing education courses on renal pathology. He is the core commentator of the Guangdong Provincial Clinical Pathology Seminar and the organizer of the tele pathology workshop of Nanfang-Harvard University. Through long-term clinical and pathological practice, he has a profound understanding of the pathogenesis of frequent renal diseases, including IgA nephropathy, membranous nephropathy, and diabetic nephropathy. He has been invited to give special lectures many times in PLA, Guangdong province and the nationwide academic conference on Kidney Disease. 

He has published more than 30 papers, edited 3 audio-visual teaching materials, participated in the compilation of 4 monographs, and won a second-class prize in the technological progress of military scientific awards. He recently participated in the national multi-center epidemiological survey based on pathological diagnosis of renal biopsy conducted by academician Fanfan Hou and was responsible for setting up a database of more than 100000 cases of clinical pathology.


Department of Nephrology, Nanfang Hostipal
1838, Guangzhou Avenue North, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China
Phone:+86 (020) 61641592
Hours: Monday to Friday
8 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Academic Title

Chief Physician
Deputy Director, Department of Nephrology, Nanfang Hospital, Guangzhou 
Vice President of Nephrology Branch of Chinese Medical Doctor Association
Vice Chairman of Nephrology Branch of Guangdong Provincial Physicians Association
Director of the Asia-Pacific medical biology immunization Society
Committee member of the Chinese Special Committee for drug-induced diseases
Visiting Professor of key Laboratory of Organization Construction and testing in Guangdong Province

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Additional Languages


Clinical Medicine, First Military Medical University, 1987
Nephrology, First Military Medical University, 1991


Department of Nephrology, Zhujiang Hospital, First military Medical University, 1987

Selected Research and Publications

1.  Hu Bianxiang; Yang Zhifeng; Yu Lei; Zhang Wang; Li Xiang; Wen Feng; Xing Malcolm M. Q.; Qiu Xiaozhong; Wang guobao, 3D Hypoxia Microenvironment Created by a Single Cell Layer-by-Layer Assembly Spheroid Demonstrates the Role of miR-382 and Cell Autophagy in Renal Fibrosis, Journal of Biomedical Nanotechnology, 2018, 14(2), 331–343. 

2.  Xu, Xin; Wang, Guobao; Chen, Nan; Lu, Tao; Nie, Sheng; Xu, Gang; Zhang, Ping; Luo, Yang; Wang, Yongping; Wang, Xiaobin; Schwartz, Joel; Geng, Jian; Hou, Fan Fan, Long-Term Exposure to Air Pollution and Increased Risk of Membranous Nephropathy in China, Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, 2016.12, 27(12): 3739~3746 

3.  Liu, Hong; Wang, Guobao; Yang, Yihong; Yu, Lei; Wang, Leyu; Wen, Zhengda; Hu, Xiaofang; Zou, Hequn; Qiu, Xiaozhong, Delivery Efficiency of miR-21i-CPP-SWCNT and Its Inhibitory Effect on Fibrosis of the Renal Mesangial Cells, Journal of Nanomaterials,2016.

4.  Wang, Guobao; Zhao, Tingting; Wang, Leyu; Hu, Bianxiang; Darabi, Ali; Lin, Jiansheng; Xing, Malcolm M. Q.; Qiu, Xiaozhong, Studying Different Binding and Intracellular Delivery Efficiency of ssDNA Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes and Their Effects on LC3-Related Autophagy in Renal Mesangial Cells via miRNA-382, Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2015.11.25, 7(46): 25733~25740 

5.  Wang, Guobao; Zhao, Tingting; Song, Xiaopin; Zhong, Wen; Yu, Lei; Hua, Wenxi; Xing, Malcolm M. Q.; Qiu, Xiaozhong(*), A 3-D multicellular tumor spheroid on ultrathin matrix coated single cancer cells provides a tumor microenvironment model to study epithelial-to-mesenchymal transitions, Polymer Chemistry, 2015, 6(2): 283~293

6.  Shi, Junbin; Guobao, Wang; Chen, Hongli; Zhong, Wen; Qiu, Xiaozhong; Xing, Malcolm M. Q., Schiff based injectable hydrogel for in situ pH-triggered delivery of doxorubicin for breast tumor treatment, Polymer Chemistry, 2014, 5(21): 6180~6189

7.  Jiang, Xinglu; Wang, Guobao; Liu, Ru; Wang, Yaling; Wang, Yongkui; Qiu, Xiaozhong; Gao, Xueyun, RNase non-sensitive and endocytosis independent siRNA delivery system: delivery of siRNA into tumor cells and high efficiency induction of apoptosis., Nanoscale, 2013.8.21, 5(16): 7256~7264

8.  Wang Guo-bao; Xu Zheng-jin; Liu Hong-fa; Zhou Qiu-gen; Zhou Zhan-mei; Jia Nan, Changes in pathological pattern and treatment regimens based on repeat renal biopsy in lupus nephritis, Chinese Medical Journal, 2012.8.20, 125(16): 2890~2894

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