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Min Liang


Min Liang  MD., PhD

Associate Professor & Chief Physician
Deputy Director, Division of Nephrology
Deputy Director, National Clinical Research Center for Kidney Disease
Nanfang Hospital, Southern Medical University 

Professor Liang is a nephrologist who works in the field of kidney diseases for more than 30 years. He earned his Bachelor, Master and PhD degree from the First Military Medical University and then completed a residency in internal medicine and nephrology in Nanfang Hospital at Guangdong Province.

He is specialized in chronic and acute kidney disease including IgA nephropathy, membranous nephropathy, and diabetic nephropathy. He is also doing research in the nutrition of the kidney disease patients now. He organized or co-organized lots of national continuing education courses on the training of doctors from other hospitals. 

Professor Liang published more than 30 papers, participated in the compilation of 1 monographs, and won the second-class prize in the technological progress of military scientific awards and a patent. He presided over the National Scientific Support Plan for the research of the early diagnosis and prevention of acute kidney disease and participated in the clinical strategy for delaying the chronic kidney disease which also belongs to the national scientific plan. 

Academic Title

Chief Physician
Deputy Director, Department of Nephrology, Nanfang Hospital, Guangzhou 
Deputy Director, National Clinical Research Center for Kidney Disease
Chairman of the Nephrology Committee of Guangdong Medical Association 

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Bachelor, Clinical Medicine, First Military Medical University, 1984-1989
Master, Nephrology, First Military Medical University, 1991, 1993-1996
PhD, Internal Medicine, First Military Medical University, 1997-2000


Department of Nephrology, Nanfang Hospital, First Military Medical University

Selected Research and Publications

1. Min Liang, Aiqing Li, Aiju Lou, Xifang Zhang, Youyuan Chen, Lei Yang, Yumin Li, Shenglin Yang, Fan Fan Hou. Advanced Oxidation Protein Products promote NADPH oxidase–dependent β-cell destruction and dysfunction by a Bcl-2/Bax apoptotic pathway. Laboratory Investigation, 2017, 97(7), 792-805.

2. Min Liang, Jun Wang, Chao Xie, Yan Yang, Jian Wei Tian, Yao Ming Xue and Fan Fan Hou. Increased plasma advanced oxidation protein products is an early marker of endothelial dysfunction in type 2 diabetes patients without albuminuria. J Diabetes, 2014; 6: 417-426 

3. Jun Wang, Min Liang, Jie Xu, Wei Cao, Guo B Wang, Zhan M Zhou, Jian W Tian, Nan Jia, Zhenhai Zhang, Jing Nie, Youhua Liu and Fan F Hou. Renal expression of advanced oxidative protein products predicts progression of renal fibrosis in patients with IgA nephropathy. Lab Invest, 2014; 94(9): 966-77 

4. Chen YY, Li YM, Yang SL, Li Y, Liang M. Efficacy and safety of mycophenolate mofetil treatment in IgA nephropathy: a systematic review. BMC Nephrology, 2014, 15:193-202

5. Xu X, Qin X, Li Y, Sun D, Wang J, Liang M, Wang B, Huo Y, Hou FF; investigators of the Renal Substudy of the China Stroke Primary Prevention Trial (CSPPT). Efficacy of Folic Acid Therapy on the Progression of Chronic Kidney Disease: The Renal Substudy of the China Stroke Primary Prevention Trial. JAMA Intern Med, 2016; 176(10):1443-1450

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